Students' Log Page Overview

To submit a new log, first go to the “Log” page, which can be found in the toolbar, to input all information and submit the log. The newly submitted log will be placed under the “Pending Logs” section. The hours are not confirmed and counted until approved by the advisor/organization.

Approved logs are either approved by the advisor/organization and once approved, they will be under the “Approved Logs” section.


To submit a new log, look in the top toolbar and click the button labeled “log.” After selecting this option, a page should open up showing your “Pending Logs” and “Approved Logs.” At the top of the page a button labeled “Log Hours” should be selected, and this is where you can input information about your service hours. After all the information is filled in, you simply select “Submit Entry” and wait for the hours to be approved by either the organization or your advisor. An easier way to log your hours is by clicking the “+” icon in the toolbar, which will bring you right to the “Log a Service Event” page