Groups vs. Organizations

One common question is the difference between Groups and Organizations within the Transeo platform. In short, Groups are internal entities that are used to create events, post updates, and validate user hours. Organizations are external entities that provide opportunities to students within your school. Think "National Honors Society" as a Group and "St. Mary's Soup Kitchen" as an Organization. 

Group Features

  • Can add internal and external service events via the group.
  • Can post messages and updates for registered students.
  • Students can belong to groups.
  • Service events belong to groups.

Organization Features

  • District admins can filter events via organizations through the District API.
  • Regular platform admins can view reports by organization from the "Reports" tab.
  • Service events belong to organizations.
  • Organizations can have "codes" that can be used to better filter service events via the District API.
  • Students can add their own organizations or use school-provided organizations.