Administrator's Users Page

The Users Page has every user in the system (students, sponsors, counselors). Clicking on a name takes you to the settings for that user, showing their email and current user type.


To change a user’s access level, select the type to change them from a drop down and click “update.” If changing a counselor to a new access level, all caseload students from them will be disassociated and a new counselor will have to claim those students. By changing from student to a new access level, all logs and service events associated with the student will be deleted.

The “Download CSV” button will automatically download an Excel spreadsheet with all of the users in the table in a CSV format (name, access level, email).


The “Invite New User” button allows you to invite a new teacher or another administrator to the platform. After entering their email and selecting their user type, direct the user to sign-in using your school’s sign-on page and their normal SSO credentials. Once they log in for the first time, the invited user will be automatically upgraded to the user type (sponsor, counselor, or administrator) selected.