Administrator's Setting Page

Updating goals: edit the School Year Goal from this page, change the yearly goal for each grade, and edit the lifetime goals for each graduating class.

Updating placeholder descriptions: edit placeholder text for log descriptions.

Updating sponsor verification requirements: choose to require or not require sponsor information for externally submitted logs.

Updating max # of words: edit the maximum number of words allowed for log descriptions.

Add a scheduled notification:

  • Add a notification (user inactive, user has yet to meet yearly goal)
  • User inactive: sent when a user has not logged service events in a certain amount of time; select time quantity and unit, start date (when the notification should begin checking), grade level, and message (optional)
  • User hasn’t met yearly goal: sent out when user hasn’t met yearly goal; date to be sent, grade level, message (optional)

Updating the yearly grade goals: Select the goal for this current school year; will override any previously set goal for this grade

Lifetime goals: Select graduating class year and designate a lifetime goal for them (# hours). Delete any lifetime goal simply by selecting “delete” on the Lifetime Goals page.

Adding organizations: Input the organization name and the org code (optional; specify a code that can be used to relate this organization to internal data in a SIS or other platform)