Hi! Welcome to Transeo.

Welcome to Transeo! We're really excited that your school district has decided to embark on this journey with us. This document serves as a jumping off point for your Transeo district setup. 

Things To Do/Know

  1. You have a Transeo support agent now! Your agent is 100% dedicated to your success and you should let them know if you have any problems or questions during the setup process. Your dedicated support agent is the person who first made technical contact with you, most likely during an initial onboarding phone call.
  2. If you haven't received an email yet detailing next steps and giving you access to the district portal, please file a ticket on the Transeo Help Site (this site!) ASAP.
  3. Very Important: Please whitelist gotranseo.com emails across your entire district email system. The most frequently used email addresses used for sending notifications are noreply@gotranseo.com and admin@gotranseo.com, but we suggest whitelisting our entire domain so that you (and your students) don't accidentally miss any important information.
  4. Your Transeo support agent will be in contact in the next day or so with your copy of the Transeo support manual. Please don't share this manual, it's licensed specifically for your district.

Support Channels

  1. This site is the largest and most in-depth support channel available. There is a knowledge base with articles about how to complete common tasks, as well as a system for submitting technical tickets. While you are always welcome to reach out to your Transeo support agent, you should also consider filing a ticket on this site as well so that we can better track and elevate the issue internally.
  2. You should register for notifications on http://status.gotranseo.com. We communicate all system outages and maintenance windows through that site, and those are important notifications for you to receive.

Next Steps

If you haven't already you will receive an email explaining how to log into your portal and how to setup your schools. On average, the setup process take about 5 minutes, plus another 30-60 for user seeding. 


We're so incredibly excited to welcome you to Transeo and can't wait to help your students transform their futures and your community.