OneRoster API Sync

Transeo provides an easy interface to sync your OneRoster data from your SIS or user system to avoid CSV uploads. Transeo supports the OneRoster v1.1 API - we do not support the CSV specification. 

To begin, you'll need the base URL from your SIS, a consumer key, and a consumer secret. Every SIS generates these differently, so please consult your system for more information. To apply this information to Transeo, follow these steps: 

  1. Start by navigating to the district portal at
  2. After logging in, click the "OneRoster Settings" button at the top of the page.
  3. Paste the base URL, consumer key, and consumer secret into the page.

After saving the information, Transeo will automatically start syncing the following night. You can test your settings by clicking the "Test Settings" button. You can also select whether or not the configuration is active for each product. 

A few important notes:

  1. Before activating the configuration, please add the OneRoster ID to each school in your District Portal under the school's settings page. The OneRoster ID is the sourcedId from the `/orgs` endpoint in OneRoster. The nightly import will not run without adding this ID. 
  2. Transeo automatically syncs all student information from your SIS at 4 AM EST.
  3. The OneRoster specification does not specify a counselor role, so we suggest that make an initial manual upload with your counselors. Once they have been uploaded manually (via CSV) we will not take their role from OneRoster so they will stay marked as counselors.
  4. The OneRoster specification also does not provide a way to associate students with counselors. If you choose to use OneRoster without making an initial upload, students will need to choose their own counselor. You can avoid this by doing an initial manual upload with all users and specifying each user's counselor. OneRoster does, however, support an arbitrary key-value dictionary on each object called "metadata." If you currently pass the student's counselor email through this dictionary please let your account rep know the name of the key so that we can access it every night.
  5. For Transeo Jobs, district administrators will need manual uploading as they often do not come through from OneRoster and are not attached to individual schools.