Using SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) to manage users

What is SFTP?

SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is a file transfer system very similar to FTP that allows for easy filesystem transfer and manipulation. 

Transeo's SFTP Server

Transeo provides each school with an SFTP login that can be used to upload a CSV of students nightly. Please restrict your usage of this feature to once every 24 hours. You can find a school’s SFTP login credentials by visiting the school’s district portal page. You can use this feature to automate the updating and creation of users in the Transeo system. 

The home directory for the user is set to `` You should upload all files into the `public` folder, which is nested inside of the home folder. The absolute path for the public folder (in case your SFTP client does not support automatic home path redirection on login) is /home/ubuntu/schools/{username}/public.



Each SFTP session requires a host, username, password, and host. You can find these details by navigating to a school's page on the district portal and clicking "SFTP Login Details."


Every school will have the following format for the required pieces of data:


Username: {alphanumeric string}

Password: {alphanumeric string}

Port: 22


Transeo's SFTP system accepts file uploads that are then processed as a normal CSV user upload. This system uses the same logic from the District Dashboard UI uploader.

The system will only recognize CSV files. Once the file has been uploaded, the system will pick up the file, send it to the main server for background processing, and then delete the file. There may be a delay in between uploading and deletion of the file - please do not re-upload the csv file multiple times. The main technical contact on your district account will receive a failure email if there are any errors, otherwise no communication is sent.