Changing a user's school

Transeo supports moving users between schools that are within the same district. If a user is moving to a school outside of the district, you should simply delete them from your Transeo instance by setting the "status" flag in the CSV template to "inactive" or by deleting the user from the district portal. 

There are two different methods for moving a student between schools: via the district portal and via the CSV upload. 

District Portal Steps

Important: These instructions only apply to the Transeo Serve product. For Jobs and Journey, please use the CSV template.

  1. Start by navigating to the district dashboard and selecting the school that the user is currently in.
  2. Select "Users" from the school's dashboard page.
  3. Search for the user you wish to update, and click on their name.
  4. The student's district profile page can be used to update various properties on the user. The second section on this page includes an area to update the student's school.
  5. Select the school you want to move the user to, and press "Change."

CSV Steps

  1. First, start by making sure that each school in your district has a unique school code entered in the district portal.
  2. For Serve:
    1. Perform a normal CSV upload either via SFTP or the district portal but specify which school to move your user to via the "Move To" column.
  3. For Jobs:
    1. Perform a normal CSV upload via SFTP and specify the school for the student in the "School" column to move the user.


User data is immediately transferred to the new school upon confirmation. If you want to revert the change, simply transfer the user back to the original school. All of the data will be retained and transferred during the process. If you are using OneRoster to seed your Transeo instance moving a student will happen automatically when they are updated in the SIS. 

Note: Moving non-student users (i.e. admins, counselors and sponsors/teachers) will transfer their data to the first administrator registered in the system for original their school that is not them.