Using the district-level API

Transeo provides a district-level API that can be used to update users, change counselor caseloads, move students between schools, and fetch data from the Transeo database. 

API Docs

You can find the full documentation for the API at


All requests (with the exception of login requests) made to the Transeo district API must include two tokens: `X-SCHOOL-KEY` and `Authorization` (in the Bearer format).

Auth Token

You can obtain a Bearer Authorization token by logging in to an endpoint using your district credentials. The token returned from this endpoint is never guaranteed to be the same, but will likely only be revoked due to a security concern or a yearly update cycle. 

School Token

Each school has a unique token that must be sent with the request to specify which data you are attempting to access. This token can be found on each school's homepage in the district portal.



General errors that will be returned by the system are listed at


All responses are returned in JSON format with clear naming standards. The documentation site has details about response formats for each endpoint.